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Tonly Technology Awarded “Industrial Leader” of China Audio Industry in 2022

Time: 04/06/2023  View: 1220

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From artificial intelligence to meta-universe audio, from car audio to assistive listening technology, from hardware to software of electronic products, as well as algorithms and network...On the morning of Mar. 28, 2023, the 2023 Global Audio Summit, sponsored by China Audio Industry Association and Shanghai Pudong New Area Advanced Audio and Video Technology Association, and co-sponsored by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd., was officially held. During the three-day event, 90 speakers and representatives from nearly 600 consumer electronics companies gathered at Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Hall to discuss the development, practice and trend of the electronic audio industry and audio technology. Zheng Li, chief engineer of AV R&D center of Tonly Technology, and Zeng Fulin, product manager of AV product center, participated in this conference as representatives.

The conference is themed on "Better Sound, Better Life", with three main forums and eight sub-forums set to cover sections of intelligent car audio, intelligent headphones and wearables, 3D audio, intelligent home and conference systems, auxiliary hearing equipment, electro-acoustic components and chips, portable speaker boards, etc. It allows participants to jointly explore the development trend of intelligent audio, discuss the impact of ChatGPT on the development of intelligent audio, interpret the development of local production of chips, and dialogue on new opportunities for the future of the industry.

On behalf of Tonly Technology, the vice director of China Audio Industry Association, Zheng Li participated in the council held on Mar. 27 to summarize the industrial status quo during the epidemic and discuss the future of the industry. What’s more, on the Sub-forum 8: Portable Audio on the morning of Mar. 30, Zheng Li delivered a speech titled “‘Variability’ and ‘Invariability’ of the Portable Audio Technology”, which introduced relevant quantitative schemes to articulate on the dialectical thinking on the “variability” and “invariability” of portable audio products from the perspective of systematic acoustics, coupled with theory and engineering practice.

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Allegedly, the awarding ceremony for the top 100 audio makers in 2022 was held on Mar. 29. The ranking was made on the total production output, turnover and estimated value of the enterprise in 2022. 29 enterprises, including GGEC, Goertek, Edifier and Tonly Technology, were selected the “Industrial Leaders”, while 87 such as the SoundAI and Fidek were named the “Top 100 Industrial Practitioners”.


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